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Catalog archive | Auction 191

31 March - 1 April 2023

Lot 494
Auction 191 | Lot 494
Opening bid
60 penny Germania olive, lithography unwatermarked, line perforation L 13, so-called Cologne postal forgery, two examples as properly franking on international letter to Switzerland with date-appropriate cancellation \"Cologne * 4 g 23 22 21 5-6 N\" with on the back arrival postmark from 24. IX. 21, very scarce commercially use the postal forgery, there most examples from the authorities secured were. There are only five such examples known! As a matter of form mention we a vertical crease left in the envelope, that the above average condition in no way influenced, signed Ebel and photo certificates Dr. Oechsner BPP and Tworek BPP (2022)
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