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Catalog archive | Auction 189

24 November - 26 November 2022

Lot 6396
Auction 189 | Lot 6396
Opening bid
1850 - 1983, unused / mint never hinged and cancelled inventory, as well general collection Old German States to Federal Republic of Germany (partly twice collected), with numerous good values German Reich Michel no. 499 / 507 unused, souvenir sheet 3 unused without gum, Saar souvenir sheet 1 unused and souvenir sheet 2 mint never hinged, Federal Republic of Germany 177 / 96 mint never hinged as well 189 in a horizontal pair mint never hinged, in addition to it interesting lot of letters with among others local post, \"taxe precu\", tenfold frankings and much from the 50s, beneath this good documents like German Reich S58 in Michel F on front of cover and Federal Republic of Germany 125 (12, as well vertical block of eight) on properly franked registered letter, then old Schaubek albums Europe and overseas, partly with better values from the classic, a little loose material and Hawid; rustic and extensive collector's estate in above 25 albums in 5 large boxes
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