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Catalog archive | Auction 191

31 March - 1 April 2023

Lot 434
Auction 191 | Lot 434
Opening bid
1 Mark to 5 Mark \"Reichspost\" with further line perforation 11½ and slightly different colours on in total four insured letter, all correctly franked and except for the 1 Mark with further stamps franked from \"HEIDELBERG\" respectively \"FRANKFURT (MAIN) \" to Ludwigshafen. All deep rich colours and good perforated stamps find be as well as the covers in perfect quality, the on the back varnish seal were as usual removed. By all 4 stamps is a the in each case only ever known copy in used condition - each single piece places taken by itself a definitely point rare piece of the whole Germany-Philatelie dar, the unique complete set can problem-free a place in the museum apart strain. Each letter double attested Dr. Oechsner as well Jäschke Lantelme BPP with on the back sign Ernst Stock. The first issue the, Reichspost\" Mark values: as well as the penny issues were the Mark values before your officially introduction in an of the later mass circulation different form handed over. The difference inventory essentially in the perforation. In contrast to the later comb perforation 14¼ respectively 14½ pointed out the very small first issue the values 1, 2, 3 and 5 Mark a far line perforation from 11½ on. These stamps places already in unused condition sought rarities dar. Used or even on cover exponentiated be her rarity. The Kohl Handbook still reports the official justification at the time, that the necessary line perforating machines not yet delivered become were. Likelier is indeed it is, that the coarse perforation, as well as the well-known, thickly inscription\" the first issue the Pfennig stamps, as character attributes to the direct Fälschungsschutz inserted war (see also Michael Jäschke Lantelme:, a hundred years Germania\", Dessau 1999). Because possible forgeries - in accordance with of the first publications with further perforation prepared - were immediately noticed. The then high postage appropriate, find be all fours values in each case on beautiful insured letter: the 1 Mark value dark red as
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