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Catalog archive | Auction 191

31 March - 1 April 2023

Lot 262
Auction 191 | Lot 262
Opening bid
1 1/4 Shilling brownish lilac, two values as correctly franked multiple franking on C. O. D. Cover from \"GLÜCKSTADT 17.6.1867\" to NORBURG with arrival postmark from 19.6, reverse mounted are the on route passing cancellation \"Elmsh. Itzeh. Ebn. Post Exp. 18.6\", \"Schlesw. POSTAL SERVICE-SPED. Bur\", \"Flensburg 18.6.66\" \"Apenrade 19.6.66\" as well \"Sonderburg 19.6.6\", the letter is in very fresh condition, the stamps shows both inconspicuous defects, expertized Carl H. Lange, Jakubek BPP and photo expertize Carl Aage Moeller BPP (2021) : \"a rare document. \"
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