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Catalog archive | Auction 191

31 March - 1 April 2023

Lot 211
Auction 191 | Lot 211
Opening bid
3 pennies dark vermillion, type 9, plate VI, on all sides full to wide margins and having bright colours copy of this prominent stamp, cancelled with double circle cancel \"LEIPZIG JUN 51\", reverse in hinge height a little fibrous as well behind the lower font box slightly scratched and at this places slightly thin, reverse under the upper font box is a small not or heavy water-soluble glue adhesion - the a thin spot place covers, authenticity confirmation Menzel from 1913 and photo expertize Vaatz BPP (2022) : \"the item submitted for inspection is genuine. All her four separator lines are visible, of it the upper three at full length. The Saxon lines system is verifiable. \"
For lots of the clearance sale we accept underbids up to 30% starting price - if there is no higher bid!
Accepted bid