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Catalog archive | Auction 189

24 November - 26 November 2022

Lot 6956
Auction 189 | Lot 6956
Opening bid
1862 - 1989 (approximate. ), extensive, cancelled collection, from middle the 50s to 1982 in the Safe illustrated album, before that in stock books, after in the original small bags of the philatelic agency, like delivered, and as well which around 10 last years with first day special cancel. To the supplement was still some bought, what the collector no longer sorted has, this still special in small bags and on stock cards. Included are almost all good issues, values and souvenir sheets, the earliest stamps are a Rayon III (Michel no. 10) expertized and minimal higher signed Rellstab, and a Michel no. 28 expertized and close to the base signed Liniger. In addition to it the souvenir sheet Michel no. 1 with postmark the exhibition from 30.9.34 expertized and with certificate Liniger, and additional on locate registered letter with postmark the exhibition from 7.10.34 with in addition glued exhibition vignette, souvenir sheet 2 expertized Liniger, souvenir sheet 3 expertized Liniger, souvenir sheet 4 (3 x), souvenir sheet 5 expertized Rellstab BPP,
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