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Catalog archive | Auction 189

24 November - 26 November 2022

Lot 6385
Auction 189 | Lot 6385
Opening bid
1850 - 2011, Europe, unused, mint never hinged and cancelled inventory, as well general collection (mostly twice collected) Germany from Old German States to Federal Republic of Germany 2011, here over and over again better values like Oldenburg Michel number 10 an expertized Brettl BPP, Wuerttemberg Michel number 10 used, 34 used, expertized Drahn, 50 used (2), German Reich and dependency with useful issues, German Demokratic Republik (East Germany), Federal Republic of Germany and Berlin with good early values, like Berlin Michel number 33 used expertized Schlegel BPP, Federal Republic of Germany 123 / 38 *, in the modern part partly twice collected and now and then per 12 as pairs and sheet of ten, the nominal value amounts over 4.000.- Euro, in addition to it se-tenants and stamp booklet as well duplicates. Then collection Aaland 1975 - 2011, here, too, often multiple, due to some dubious values have we the estate conservative estimated, likewise was a water damage at the pricing consider, this reichh
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