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Catalog archive | Auction 190

27 January - 28 January 2023

Lot 3544
Auction 190 | Lot 3544
Opening bid
40 penny imperial yacht with close typography overprint \"Togo Anglo French Occupation\" along with 20 Pfg, 25 Pfg and 30 Pfg with typography overprint \"Togo Anglo French Occupation\" spacing of lines 3 mm as well aided penny on 3 penny imperial yacht with overprint error I \"y from penny klein and close\" as well One penny on 5 penny imperial yacht on envelope (mddle cover) with cancellation \"station PALIME 6.4.15\" to Lome to the F. Oloof &. Co. (Branch of the Bremer colonial trading company), of the denomination value to 40 penny are only 5 used examples known, the existing with Individual setting shows three wide O in Togo and Occupation, Gibbs setting 3 b, expertise BPA and expertise Scheller \"A very fine philatelic cover. Genuine. \", SG H32 a, H12 a, H13, H4, H5 and H6, Ycert No. 57 A, 31 a, 33, 35, 36, 37.
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Accepted bid