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Catalog archive | Auction 189

24 November - 26 November 2022

Lot 6540
Auction 189 | Lot 6540
Opening bid
1850 - 1867, extensive in two albums created collection with unused values, reprints I and II, postal stationery cuts, over 40 covers, with also some multiples from horizontal pair to there to the block of four, mainly - apart from various oxidations - in in total neat condition with many superb and extremely fine copies, as well among others Michel number 4 in the strip of four, no. 9 in the vertical strip of three from margin of sheet above with figure of value of rows 2 (upper margin shortened not quite complete) and on of this issue rare progressive numbering cancellation with at the same time very scarce nummeral cancel\" \" photo expertize Kastaun BPP, please check carefully! The collection was years ago as exhibit collection created, except for various withdrawals nevertheless an extensive object with many interesting pieces!
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Accepted bid