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Catalog archive | Auction 183

11/24/2021 - 11/27/2021

Lot 1754
Auction 183 | Lot 1754
Opening bid
Oak leaves with swords to the Knight's Cross of the iron Cross 1939 in the case, silver reverse \"900\" hallmarked, oak leaves in the second execution of the alone suppliers of the company Godet Co. In Berlin on the reverse side with the presidential chancellery label \"21\", at the oak leaves and with the jump ring soldered the on both sides embossed pair of swords in typical drawing, weight 9, 1 g, OEK 3819 / 1, with neck strap in original length (approximate. 72 cm) in the black conferring case with iron hinge and \"donut\" push button, hinge with rust film, mass case 102 x77, 5 x22, 5 m, oak leaves with swords in the unworn original condition with the \"speckling\" Oxidation, like they for pieces of the so named castle Klessheim finding typically is, condition 1. Lot 6254 the 74. Auction Hermann Historica Munich May 2017: \". From the inventory of the SS superior leader and Undersecretary of state the \"presidential chancellery of the Leader and Chancellor of the Reich\" Dr. Heinrich Doehle, whose order firm through of the War before the Russian militaries in the alpine fortress to castle Klessheim by Salzburg evacuated become was. The from the soldiers the third US infantry division 1945 captured stocks arrived so in the past decades gradually into the trade\".
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